• Tutorials for building flash games
  • Zip files split into hundreds of parts that are then combined
  • Random photos
  • A database of British postcodes and their lat/lng (from 2010)

I also found lots of images and screenshots that reminded me of some great memories. A five year time capsule of sorts..

I think I was better at design in 2008..

What a purchase ! - 23/01/2015

When I applied for 'The Island' - 14/05/2015

Fuck you 'Buyer 5'. TBF super glad I didn't win this - massively overpriced - 26/05/2015

That time we went to Vegas - 06/07/2015

When I applied for my brother and I to run the 2016 Berlin Marathon - 19/10/2015

When I was naughty and got caught speeding (and apparently was 115 years old..) - 18/12/2015

Me prototyping a remake of Ruzio, my first online project (2002 - 03) - 14/01/2016

One day I'll rebuild Ruzio. Loved that project so much. Was a great community - would love to reconnect with the gang.

The MMMM.com Javascript widget from 20/07/2016

Even in 2016 I used screen - 30/09/2016

Revision.net from 20/02/2017 - An old product for automating posts to social media

When I got the overnight sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai - 12/03/2017

When I went back to London to right a wrong.

When Dad joined Facebook

When I built a ball pool in my bedroom

Pub Judge. I think this retro design still looks good.

When I kayaked.

When I drank.

When I was shit at social media. OK, I still am.

When my websites were less inspired.