About Thomas

Thomas Clowes

My name is Thomas Clowes.

I am a 28 year old software engineer from the United Kingdom.

I own and operate Double Negative which builds multi platform web applications.

Some of those products include:

Some of our previous products included:

  • Revision.net - A tool for scheduling posts to Facebook and Twitter. I like automating things. Unfortunately both tightened access to their APIs.
  • EthTools.com - A tool to allow the general public to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. Unfortunately it was prohibitively expensive to maintain and the community got cannabilised by non-developers.

I am a big fan of PHP, even though many hate it. Used well, it is extremely powerful.

I build a lot of front end things with ReactJS.

I know a lot about domain names, and the domain name industry. In a previous life I worked at what is now Uniregistry. I helped build what is now their market place.

I like hacking away at mini projects. One of which imports all my Instagram posts to this blog such that you can view everything (related to me) in one place.

I use this blog to write about things that interest me. I discuss a wide range of subject areas, not limited to software. The tags functionality (in the sidebar) is your friend :)

One of those things is running. I am a marathon runner. I like to post about my training and targets. My current 'big' target is Comrades 2019.. or Tomrades (as I like to call it). You can follow my journey here.

Thanks for visiting !