So I was browsing the internet when I came across a link to a Peter Pan pantomime in Manchester.

I live in Leeds (dont stalk me), Manchester is close. I also like pantomimes.

So one of the things I was never very good at was actually following through doing things. I'd say i'd order/book tickets to things, but then never would. I'd come up with ifs/buts to the point that by the time I'd made a decision said event would be fully booked or organization would be a nightmare.

So instead I just booked tickets then and there (after finding out suitable dates/times), and now Fiona and I get to see the Hoff perform in Peter Pan.

I imagine it will be so awful that it'll be great.

So yeh thats something new I've done today.. 2/365

In other interesting-ness.. I always thought pantomime was spelt pantomine. It is not, It is spelt pantomime. I googled it.