Park and Play - Linton falls

On Wednesday (19/10/2011) Jack, Jamie, Bryn and I headed out to Linton Falls on the River Wharfe for a bit of park and play fun.

This was our second Wednesday trip as part of our Wonderful Wednesdays format :)

The falls weren't particularly high, nor particularly low, none the less a lot of fun was had by all.

Over the course of the afternoon I styled both the left boof line, and the right line (first run paddling backwards). Bryn was kind enough to show us how not to run the boof line :)

I got to try out my new Palm gradient boots - they are really nice, and make clambering around on rocks significantly less hassle.

Take a look at some of the footage below..

We won't talk about the social afterwards...

Thomas Clowes

Thomas Clowes

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