On Sunday a group of us headed up to the lakes with the university club. The intention was to run the Leven (which i'd never run before), but sadly the river dropped massively overnight.

In the end we decided to run the Kent twice - the first time as a refresher for the intermediate paddlers, the second run for us to get some practice in leading.

It was a great day out - there were no swims, and lots of styled lines. Turns out that force falls is quite a powerful bit of water.
We tried to send Jamie down force falls unawares (club policy), but he was too observant, and spotted it a mile off.

The rapid before L-shaped weir has now been named/renamed to 'The tonguemaster' because of the clean and obvious tongue running straight down it :)

It was also noted that Devils Bridge burgers are quite sickly, and not particularly nice..

/photos/kent-october-2011.jpg was here.