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Three day weekend in Wales and on the Lune

On Thursday evening, Jack, Jamie, Vanessa, and I got in the car and headed down south to the illustrious Cheshire. Having spent the night at my house, and witnessing Jamie getting a Mawwdach-esque beatdown from my mother we headed off bright and early Friday morning to the Dee. Vanessa, being

Afon Tryweryn

Yesterday Jack, Jamie, Mute, and myself headed down/across to North Wales to drop in on the Upper Tryweryn. Last year at the clubs 'Alps Training' I ran the upper graveyard section. Max didn't want us to run the rest of the graveyard because we had had a good day,

North Wales boating

This weekend Jack, Jamie, Reuben, and myself headed to North Wales. Roo very kindly let us stay at his home, and his parents/sister were very hospitable. Given that the other option was to camp in below freezing temperatures, I think it is fair to say that we all appreciated

Lakes Weekend 2012

Lakes weekend 2012 was over the weekend of the 20th-22nd of January. This is a weekend organized by LUUCC each year. Usually around 60-80 members of the club head up to the lake district and enjoy the whitewater that the area has to offer. I am not sure if it

The Swale looks intimidating

Two evenings ago, I was looking at river levels and saw that the Swale amongst other things had been dancing around a nice level. Jack said he'd get me down the Swale before Christmas, I was having kayaking withdrawal... I made the proposal. The next morning Jack called to say

The Leven and the Kent

Our group was: Harry; Big Rob; Charley; Jack; Jamie; Tom (me) Wednesday. 8am. The chapel. Wednesday. 8:15am. The road (with all the correct kit). After an insanely early start, we headed to the lakes. The night before rumors of everything being in spate were heard. We had intended to

My first Scottish paddling adventure

Over the weekend, I headed up to Scotland with a few good friends. Here begun my first Scottish paddling adventure... I'd heard a lot about the white water in Scotland and was really looking forward to paddling the Etive. That is not to say that I was not insert expletive
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