Over the past month or two I have been actively working on the National Student Rodeo.

I have been working on the online registration system, and the scoring system for the event.

In November I was asked to create the website for the event. I did this, as can be seen here(2018 edit - no longer my website here).

At the time I asked for details on what else the team would need me to design such that I could get it done while I had no work on. Needless to say I got the details in the middle of January :)

I designed the online registration system in near enough 3 days, then optimized it after it had gone live. It worked flawlessly, was a really good learning experience, and is easily expandable as well as being significantly more efficient than the last system. There was one small period of downtime based on me pushing a broken edit (oops), but no-one really noticed. Apart from that, my logs state it worked flawlessly. I am pretty happy.

The online scoring system is now complete in its most basic form. It also works really well. The hope is that by making the systems extremely efficient we will be able to massively reduce the workload of the technical team at the event.

When I mentioned that I was going to redesign the system, a few people with little knowledge of the area chastised me for making an informed decision. Needless to say, I think I have proved them wrong.

NSR 2012 will be awesome. Using this system the only organizational problem will now be actually getting people on the course :)