Yesterday Jack, Jamie, Mute, and myself headed down/across to North Wales to drop in on the Upper Tryweryn.

Last year at the clubs 'Alps Training' I ran the upper graveyard section. Max didn't want us to run the rest of the graveyard because we had had a good day, and he did not want us to ruin it.

I still have a massive fear of the unknown. Running the Tryweryn for the first time scared me as much as running the Orchy, the Lyon etc etc. I'm still and probably always will be a confidence boater, but meh.. I am improving.

Jamie is a pretty decent coach - he had me eddy hopping down, and although at first I was hitting the bottom of every eddy, by the end of the day I was hitting some pretty awesome lines. I still don't have the consistency, but it is a start.

The Tryweryn is an awesome place to practice, and now I don't have the fear factor, I'll be sure to go back there to continue my technical development such that in the near future my technical ability will match my ability to get down things :)

I feel like I am getting good. I am going to carry on.