On Sunday I was manipulated into driving on a beginners/freshers trip with the club to the middle tees.

Having never run the middle tees I was somewhat intrigued, and as it was a nice enough day it seemed like a great opportunity to get a little more practice in.

I was put in charge of leading two freshers down, and I feel as though I met the challenge pretty well. No-one complained at least, and there was only one swim during the day.

On a personal level, my lines were not great. Definitely not up to par. I definitely need to work on my on the water river reading, because although i stayed upright, I doubt that would have been the case on anything more gnarly.

The only other problem was the fact that my ankles got destroyed in my boat because of my excessively rigid palm gradient boots. I need to sort that.. take the foam block out or something. I'll go do that now...

None the less, pretty good day, and the car banter was top notch. I wouldn't have done anything more productive at home, and I got to practice my surfing..