Weird psychological biases

Today I visited the barber with no ideas or expectations as to the cost of a haircut in Vancouver.

Earlier in the day I had walked past a barber will a board outside stating that a normal cut was $23. Noting that the barber I had an appointment with was super highly rated I assumed that he would probably cost more.

On arriving there was a billboard outside which stated $20. Deal.

When the previous customer was finished he handed the barber $40 and asked for $15 change. A seeming $5 tip. I decided that (assuming that the service was equally good) and that the cut was cheaper than expected I would also give a $5 tip.

The cut was good. I asked the price. He said $23 (?). It could have been $3 extra for some sort of tax. Perhaps the prices had just changed Who knows. All of a sudden I felt I was being ripped off. I still gave $25. A $2 tip.

I was happy with the amount because the service was good, but not happy when I felt like I was being ripped off. I could have of course asked, but I didn't. Interesting.

Thomas Clowes

Thomas Clowes

I am a 31 year old software engineer from the United Kingdom. During the day I build multi platform applications. In my spare time I eat food, run marathons, and climb hills.