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AirBnb nearly put me on the street

AirBnb nearly put me on the street

For my part, there are a few simple lessons here: * Plan further in advance. * Plan for the unexpected. * Acknowledge that big companies are often incompetent. I am currently in Victoria, BC. I intended to head back to Vancouver, BC today prior to going home in early April. I had reached
2017. Year in review.

2017. Year in review.

At some non-specific point in the past few years I acknowledged that my greatest enjoyments and biggest successes come from trusting my gut. I spent a lot of 2017 thinking about things and reading about things. Introspecting. Not in a meditation/mindfulness kind of way but rather in a 'just
New York Marathon 2017 - Trip report

New York Marathon 2017 - Trip report

I was having a look through my photos of this trip and decided that I would upload the best photos and then write around them. Here goes. I wrote a separate race report. When I arrived in NYC the queue at immigration was awful (stupid terrorists). I was desperate for
I went to Barcelona

I went to Barcelona

I have had one of those months such that justifying a mini holiday was pretty easy. Accounts, tax returns, running etc etc. Things have been stressful and as such when Quintin (an old friend) mentioned he was going to be in Barcelona with his wife (Dasom) I figured I should

Holiday in the Black Forest

Having spent a week in the Black Forest with Fiona it is a little depressing to be back in Leeds where the wine is a little less local, the views a little less mind blowing, and life generally just a little less exciting. /images/black_forest_water.jpg was here

My first Scottish paddling adventure

Over the weekend, I headed up to Scotland with a few good friends. Here begun my first Scottish paddling adventure... I'd heard a lot about the white water in Scotland and was really looking forward to paddling the Etive. That is not to say that I was not insert expletive
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