Today I am pleased to publicly release offers a selection of tools for interacting with the Ethereum network.

The idea behind the project was to focus on making extremely accessible tools that anyone (regardless of technical experience) can use and understand.

Greater adoption of Ethereum by the masses requires that we make somewhat complex concepts accessible to all.


Having read the discussions on the Ethereum reddit, the questions on the Ethereum Stack Exchange, and the conversations on Twitter we have developed the following tools.


The wallet functionality allows a user to generate an Ethereum account by following a simple step by step process.

We utilise BIP39 and generate a 12 word mnemonic that can be used to load/recover your account.

Alongside the creation functionality, you can load a previously generated wallet (by using the aforementioned mnemonic) or you can import a wallet from a Geth/Parity keyfile.


We have also developed functionality for submitting a contract to the blockchain.

Our step by step process allows compilation of solidity code, and submission to the blockchain.

It all links in with our wallet functionality such that you can 'load' the appropriate account (for paying the submission gas costs).


To bootstrap various parts of our functionality, and in preparation for some of our future ideas we have created a basic blockchain explorer.

This functionality allows you to see blocks, and transactions in real time. You can dive in and investigate individual blocks, transactions, and addresses.

We are still pulling and collating block and transaction data from the blockchain. As such some data is currently missing. We are pulling the data as quickly as possible.


We intend to build any tools that would be useful to Ethereum users.

So far the only tool we have is out unit convertor which allows you to convert quickly and easily between amounts in the different currency denominations (Wei, Szabo, Ether etc) of the network.


We have created a number of guides which seek to explain various concepts in a clear and concise manner.

These include:

Where possible we try to link to other resources that are useful and will allow a reader to expand their knowledge of a particular subject matter.

Thanks uses (and has taken ideas from) a number of fantastic open source projects including:

Ethereum has a thriving developer community that is expanding every day. I highly recommend reading through the source code of these projects to get an idea of the 'behind the scenes' of interacting with the network.

What next

We are actively listening to ideas for further tools that would be useful to the Ethereum community.

If there is something that would help you interact with the Ethereum network, please do leave a comment and let us know.

Please do take a look at the website and try out the various pieces of functionality.

Let us know if you have any issues,comments, or suggestions.