I was implementing push notifications into Activity Filter on iOS this afternoon when I encountered an issue that I know I have had before.

I've often used my blog as a way of reminding myself of software problems that I have historically encountered but apparently I did not write this one down.

The problem

Within the app I update my Amazon Pinpoint endpoint to associate a user ID with it. Then we can send notifications based on a user ID.

Unfortunately however when sending a test notification the API was responding with OptOut: 'ALL' and the notification was not being received.

The simulator.

The first thing to note is that push notifications using Amazon Pinpoint do not work in the simulator.

If you have a notification related problem and you want to do it you'll need to debug it on a device.

I package up a build, upload it to iTunes Connect and debug in TestFlight.

Compare it to a working copy

I had previously set up notifications for the Training Plan iOS app. As far as I was aware they were still working.. I created a build, and checked. They were.

Activity Filter was using the exact same code for notification registration and integrating with Pinpoint (see Extracting reused components to a Framework on both Android and iOS), so I assumed that it would be a problem with some hidden XCode setting. That (it turns out correct) knowledge didn't make a resolution any quicker..


Googling led me to check that I had the correct Capabilities assigned to my app provisioning profile in iTunes Connect. I did.

I then stumbled upon post suggesting I check that I had the appropriate Required background modes set in my Info.plist. I did not, but this did not fix the issue.

Side by Side

I then opened my non-working Activity Filter project next to the working Training Plan project and compared them side by side.

I immediately noticed that my target did not display Push Notifications under the Capabilities section even though it was set on my provisioning profile shrug. I assumed this was the fix. It was not.

In my euphoria of thinking i had fixed the issue I didn't notice the additional Capability option for Background Modes. I eventually noticed and added the Remote notifications background mode here and this did fix the issue.

This is what your targets 'Capabilities' should look like


So basically you (obviously) need to enable the Push Notifications capability as well as the Remote Notifications background mode.

That said, doing this from the Info.plist/Provisioning profile in iTunes connect does not seem to be the correct place to do this.

Once I had figured it out I typed into Google and stumbled upon this StackOverflow answer which I had (of course) previously upvoted when I last had this problem bangs head.