I am feeling a little misunderstood as an individual, and given that in the near future I will be moving on to a bigger, badder, more exciting part of my life I thought that I'd go to the effort of clarifying a little about me..

I imagine I am going to have to google a lot of new adjectives to write this.

For a start I am massively introverted, i am not selfish or arrogant I simply prefer my own company. In my own company I can do what I want, when I want, and take full risk and reward for my actions and their results. Simple.

I am not extraverted, I am just loud when I am comfortable. I am hyper analytical, and if I feel comfortable with someone I will be loud. If i know someone is not judging me I can be loud, make jokes, and have fun.. and I have made some damn awesome friends from being like that, so nope.. not changing that.
Saying that, I often, like everyone, take it too far BUT - I am not perfect - I am learning, and growing.

I really love my family. They are awesome, and I'd do anything for them.
Saying that I don't agree with everything my family say or do. For example, they sent me to boarding school. I didn't like the environment, or the education and I made that obviously apparent. Sadly however my parents ignored me then, and have essentially continued to ignore my views on the topic - intelligent me.

I am quite intelligent. I knew what interested me, what I wanted to do, and how to get the best out of myself from a very young age. People seem to find it difficult to appreciate that. I do not however hold grudges, and I appreciate everyone for everything - I know my parents did everything for their right reasons, and it would be difficult to say that they have been anything but awesome in near enough all other aspects of my childhood and adulthood.

I am religious - I believe in God.. a god of some sort. I don't live by the bible, I don't go to church, I don't get into arguments with people who think their opinions are worth arguing about. I am patently religious a lot of the time but people don't seem to notice it.. sort of like our culture is immune to religion but meh, it does not affect me.

I dont really do emotions. I feel emotions I just dont really 'do' emotions because for the most part I can sort my own emotions in my head. When i am openly emotional its like a proper serious emotion that I can't contain :P I cry like a girl when i'm really upset, likewise angry me is not fun.

I really like Linkin Park. This is an interesting one.. less about me, more about others. People have tastes and opinions and i don't really understand why people are so judgemental about those of others. Surely everyone could find something better to spend their time and concentrate their energies on..?

So yes, that is me. If i come across as anything but the above, I genuinely apologize - that is not my intention, yet perhaps we are not suited to be good friends.

I want lots of friends, and I love nice people. I like to learn about other people and their lives.
I'm thankful for the friends that I have (you know who you are :P) and I hope we can keep doing awesome things in awesome places.

Mum, dad, brothers, family. Big love.