I utilize PHPUnit for my backend testing and have noticed a number of things whilst using it. I have outlined these below - hopefully they will help someone.

DBUnit, composite datasets and foreign keys

There is a bug in the PHPUnit source code which means that composite datasets are truncated in the same order that they are created. If there are foreign key constraints between these tables, you will encounter a number of errors.

I have fixed this issue, and created a pull request here.

Properly tearing down database tests

Make sure you correctly tear down your database connections otherwise you may encounter various errors. I overload tearDown() to do this. Make sure that you call the parent method such that any operation you define within in getTearDownOperation() is called appropriately.

    public function tearDown() {
        $this->dbh = null;

Open Files

If you have a lot of tests you may encounter the "Too many open files" error.
You can fix this by changing the number of files a process can open using ulimit -n 5000

Test annotations

An annotation block fora PHPUnit test is as follows:

     * @test

It is not simply a comment block - the first line must have an extra asterisk. This is the same as for docblocks in phpDocumentor.

Test Size Annotations

PHPUnit provides the annotations @medium and @large which indicate the 'size' of a test. Unannotated tests are considered small.

You can configure the test runner to timeout if these tests take longer than expected.


The curveball in the mix is that as of version 4.2, all database tests are hard coded as large tests within the source code. I personally think that this should be changed such that database tests default to being 'large' but can still have their size overridden.

For now you'll either have to edit the source code yourself or run database testing independently of any other test setup where 'large' tests have a different nature.

If anyone else is aware of any quirks that it would be worth bringing to the attention of others, please let me know.