Every so often my father will forward me an email with a message like "Is this for you". He broadly assumes that any email relating to something he does not understand must be for me. I have explained to him that I have my own email.

I generally know what to look out for when someone is trying to 'phish' me. That said, recently I have seen some more impressive attempts. Attempts that I am confident that someone less technical might fall for.

Similarly I have received some less than good attempts, which I figured I would document.

Recently I received this one from 'Netflix'.

RE: My Netflix Account

Initially I was confused. I don't use Netflix.

I was even more confused. Why were 'Netflix' using 'info_netflix@reactor.email' to send their email?

I opened the email. "Why is that button using such an obscene colour scheme" I thought.

I hovered over the button. "Why do 'Netflix' want me to update my details at OKMalta.com" I thought :P

I had a look at the email headers. The phisher is using SES. Surely Amazon can track these people down..? Who is paying the bill..?