Lucid dreams can be really scary

On the night of the 1st January 2012 I had a weird, almost unbelievable experience. If it had happened a day earlier I would have said it was the strangest thing that happened to me in 2011. It did not however, and as such I have 362 days to top it. My first lucid dream.

So.. you know the film Inception.. turns out it is not entirely fiction. If you want a proper explanation of a lucid dream, take a look here. My simple explanation is: "a dream where you are concious and are aware that it is a dream".

So.. if you have a look on the interwebs, there is a lot of cool information about lucid dreams and dream control. There is loads of stuff about getting yourself into a lucid state such that you can fly or have bad ass sex. The whole lucid aspect meaning that when you wake up you feel like it actually happened, and tend not to forget. Sounds very ridiculous, and if I hadn't experienced it I wouldn't believe it.

So, my lucid dream was not a result of training, but I assume due to a lack of sleep, excessive alcohol consumption over the past days, and general disrespect of my body. I did not enjoy it, it was more of a lucid nightmare. I was in my bed being annoyed by people I had hated years before. There was also a cameo appearance by Alice Holland (I punched you - you were harassing me in my bed and I couldn't move..)

Yeh.. people were annoying me and I couldn't move (see Sleep Paralysis), I kept trying to wake myself up but couldn't (see False Awakenings. Eventually woke up, and as Arthur Mercer can probably tell you it scared the living shit out of me.

I could just post everything i have read since here, but I don't want to. If it is of interest, you can read up on it. Very interesting/scary/weird experience - I never wanted to control my dreams.

Thomas Clowes

Thomas Clowes

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