Installing Ghost on an Ubuntu server is a relatively simple and painless process.

I have done it many times before and us such I was somewhat bemused as to why I was getting a 500 error when accessing my domain.

SQLITE_CANTOPEN unable to open database file

I did some Googling and noticed that a few people had had similar problems and were delving into permissions and the like.

Ghost really is a simple install, so if you are having issues with access to the default sqllite database then something has gone wrong.

Upon investigating the issue I worked out what my issue was - the 'ghost' of a previous Ghost install which forever still had running.

Excuse the non-technicality of this but when you run npm start on a node package (like Ghost) the files being run get loaded and executed. Forever then makes sure that the associated process stays alive.

My issue was that a previous Ghost instance was being kept alive even after the codebase (and the sqllite) database had been deleted.

As a result I thought i was having issues with my new Ghost install when in fact it was installed fine. I killed the old process and everything started working fine.