Having worked in Cayman for two months it seemed reasonable to post an update.

Working with a team is an awesome - the guys I work with are extremely good at what they do and I have learnt a lot. I have enjoyed dropping my near sighted attitude towards my abilities and embracing the opportunity to learn from the best - working on a great product in an amazing industry.

Moving to Cayman required me to give up a lot - my lifestyle, my friends and my girlfriend. None of the decisions I made to get to this point were easy and I really hope I made the right decisions.

At the end of the day to get anywhere in life requires hard work. It took me a while to realise what I wanted to do but not many can say that they have a job that they love. I still stand by the same sentiment, 'Dream big' because anyone can do anything if they work hard.

I wish Fiona the best of luck in whatever path she takes in her life. I spent 13 of the best months of my life with her - she has the passion, skill and intelligence to succeed in whatever she chooses to do. I'll miss you buddy.