is a domain management and research tool for the Ethereum Name Service (ENS).

LabelHash started life as a project for a single entity - they wanted a platform to help them purchase and manage their domain names. We onboarded a few more clients, and they liked it.. a lot. We had a chat, and came to the conclusion that we could (and should) offer the product to the public.

The ENS manager

What we offer?



We offer a flexible tool for researching ENS domain names, and managing registrations. Our tagging system allows you complete control to organise the names in your account as you wish.

You can:

  • Monitor domain names that you have registered across any number of addresses.
  • Monitor the domains that specific addresses (or combinations of addresses) are registering.
  • Find out which 3 letter word names are available on OpenSea for less than 3 ETH, are owned by 0xcool and have the tags 'cool' and 'want'.
  • etc etc


Our extensive filter options allow you to drill down into the domain names into your account based on all manner of criteria:

  • name
  • domain length
  • expiration date,
  • for sale status
  • owner, controller, resolver, or resolves to address
  • etc etc


You can setup notifications to:

  • receive emails when specific names are available for registration/purchase at specific prices.
  • receive emails when specific name are going to expire.

For more details check out: How to get notifications when an ENS name is expiring.

LabelHash email notifications for Ethereum Name Service domains

Bulk registration and renewal

You can register and/or renew (in bulk) any number of domain names.

We add no additional fees. You pay the registration/renewal fees (as dictated by the ENS smart contracts), and nothing more.

Here are some guides:

Bulk register/renew ENS names using LabelHash


web3 is complex. Smart Contracts are a whole new metaphorical world. Scams are pervasive in the web3 ecosystem because interacting with smart contracts is a little more technical than what we are used to in the web2 world.

During the process of building LabelHash I was asked on numerous occasions 'How does this work?', 'What does this do behind the scenes?' etc

I figured it would be nice to document how the site works in a series of guides that you'll be able to find on this blog.

There is not an abundance of content right now, but I am hoping to build out the LabelHash blog across two core categories:

  • ENS Explainers - Articles outlining core Ethereum Name Service concepts
  • Inside LabelHash - Articles outlining how LabelHash works, and how it interacts with the ENS smart contracts.

In addition to those categories there are a number of posts detailing how one can get started using LabelHash.

Who are we?

I'm Thomas. I built the majority of the LabelHash offering with the help of a number of freelancers friends who I have had the pleasure of working with over the years.

I'm a software guy with an extensive background in domain names. I helped build back in the day, have bought and sold domain names (for myself and others), and have worked with a number of corporate clients (in domain name related activities) as a consultant.

I've been involved in the ENS ecosystem for years. Back in 2017 I built out (and its sister product We built out tooling for the original ENS Vickrey auctions (throwback Thursday). Unfortunately I didn't have the foresight to register loads of them myself :/

I have a degree in Economics (and actually wrote my dissertation on the Economics of Domain Names), and have a particular interest in behavioural economics. It's of no surprise that ENS interests me.


I am always open to constructive feedback. Feel free to contact us on Twitter, or via email (feedback [at] labelhash [dot] com).

I am a firm believer in transparency, and like to maintain a public roadmap of feature development. That said, (as mentioned) the product has been built to a core specification for a specific use case - research tooling and management.