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Implementing the Paypal PHP SDK

I was recently asked to implement a subscription offering for a client on their web application. I was initially apprehensive based on the naive assumption that taking payments had to be complicated. Given that the client offers a single product at a single price and that the subscription is 'digitally

The intricacies of the Google Places Web API

I have been building a web and mobile application which provides location functionality based on a complex integration with the Google Places API. Fortunately their web API is well documented, and given the scale of the data on offer is well covered with integration wrappers for the various appropriate programming

PHP Regular Expressions 101

Regular expressions are one of those things that I never really took the time to learn. Rather, whenever a situation arose I would discern and 'learn' the specific thing that I needed to resolve my problem. Having built Whois Browser as well as many other internal tools which heavily depend

FastCGI in 5 minutes

FastCGI "is a binary protocol for interfacing interactive programs with a web server" (from Wikipedia). In the same vain as my nginx in 15 minutes post, I thought i'd outline FastCGI, and its implementation on nginx with PHPFPM. A FastCGI server is independent of your web server. You delegate your
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