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Garmin's approach to time zones..

Garmin's approach to time zones..

I've all but given up on the idea of ever understanding the variety of different approaches that large businesses take in relation to time zones. Whilst integrating Garmin activities into Training Plan and Activity Filter I noticed that they handle time zones completely differently to how I do, and completely

Implementing the Paypal PHP SDK

I was recently asked to implement a subscription offering for a client on their web application. I was initially apprehensive based on the naive assumption that taking payments had to be complicated. Given that the client offers a single product at a single price and that the subscription is 'digitally

The intricacies of the Google Places Web API

I have been building a web and mobile application which provides location functionality based on a complex integration with the Google Places API. Fortunately their web API is well documented, and given the scale of the data on offer is well covered with integration wrappers for the various appropriate programming

Writing a good API, and being a good client

When rebuilding the search functionality of a product that I am working on I managed to quite effortlessly completely break the mobile applications client integrations with the API. The main issue was that I was entering some unchartered territory, and trying to do some pretty complex things. I was in

The curiosities of Facebook's developer offering

In the process of building multiplatform applications which integrate with social platforms I have been required to investigate Facebook's developer tools and processes. Unfortunately the process has been somewhat painful. I thought I would document the curiosities I encountered such that anyone else encountering them can resolve them with more

Value. The data, or the packaging?

For one of my web based projects I needed to acquire some data. Data in the modern day and age is often the most valuable asset of a company... it got me thinking. The Royal Mail here in the UK offer a Postcode Address File (PAF) to any entity who
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