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More annoying timezones

More annoying timezones

I previously wrote a post entitled Timezones in software. There are many intricacies to consider when working with time zones in software, and that post covered some that I had encountered. I wanted to update the date inputs within the Training Plan Android app to use the MaterialDatePicker component from

References in Java. Considerations in Android.

References are handled differently across different programming languages. Given that I work with a number of different languages it is important that I have a clear understanding of how they work. References in Java have caused me a few issues - issues that are mainly a result of their utilisation

Android foolishness - things not to do

In the process of building an Android application I encountered a number of small and foolish issues which I thought that I would outline such that you don't make the same mistakes. I probably shouldn't be admitting to making these kinds of mistakes, but.. well.. I am :) Match you lifecycle

Making an overlay screen in Android

Yesterday I encountered a problem when building the latest version of an Android app on which I am working. That problem was that when uploading a new photo to the site, subject to the user pressing 'Continue' before the upload is complete, I wanted to show the new photo (and

Stateful enumeration in Android

Whilst clever solutions to complex problems are always interesting and insightful, sometimes the answer is a lot more simple. When gearing up to release our first app to the Google Play store we engaged in some real world testing. The results were generally positive but it made apparent one large
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