I have not written a blog post in a good two months because I've been in a bad place.

Comrades ate my soul. I have had/still have very little energy to do things that I enjoy. Like run. Thats the risk you take when you tie your identity so rigidly to one (or a few) thing(s).

But hey. My physio said in April that as a result of my injuries it might be a good time to focus on other aspects of my passion, so I did - That is going great. I am considering just focussing all my time on it and just making running my whole life.

In the past two months I have still been running but I have not been enjoying it as much as I used to. I have been swimming more. Thats fun. Super zen - I like the meditative bliss of swimming around Salford Quays in repetitive loops. I have had interesting experiences like 'Quay Loop Chicken' where you can not get out until the rain stops. Spoiler - it doesn't. Yoga is still great.

Did some runs in the Peak District. Beautiful place. Tough terrain. My body says no to hills.

I joined Chorlton Runners so I could run with other people. Nice people. More opportunities to run slow. Made me kinda like running again. Think I'll continue doing that. Maybe pace some races. Definitely not going to race. Fuck that shit.

If I get over my hump. I will run Comrades 2020. Obv. Gotta collect my soul and my back to back medal. I applied for Tokyo 2020 but I assume/hope I won't get in.


Done a lot of stuff recently to help friends/family out recently. Most of it was stressful. Can't be doing with that. Must find ways to help people without it fucking up my shit.

Caught up with some old pals. Had some deep insightful chats. Tis interesting to me how me/my university friends - the people I used to drink ungodly amounts with are now super solid, responsible people. Conversation topics have developed from 'Who can drink the most tequila through their eyes' to 'Is toxic masculinity too prominent within the social group'.

Still spend a lot of time dealing with people thinking I'm a lazy job-less twat face. One final time - the irony is off the charts. I take days off because I work hard on the days I'm not taking off, worked hard day after day the past five years, and kinda just nailed it really. If you work harder than me and earn less and it pisses you off.. get a better job. Don't call me lazy - it hurts my feelings.

Semi relevant - /r/ChoosingBeggars - great read.